Cretex Pro-Ring Manhole Casting Grade Adjustment Rings

General Information

PRO-RING™ is the only manhole grade adjustment system made from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). PRO-RING™ products provide a proven alternative to concrete grade or adjustment rings and is the most advanced concrete-alternative manhole grade adjustment system available anywhere. The material is renowned for its ability to stand up to the harshest of conditions without damage or deformity for many years. 

SAFETY - It usually takes four men to lift a concrete grade ring, each one risking back injury. A 6" PRO-RING™ weights only 14 pounds. Where concrete rings break and can cause injury, the PRO-RING™ system eliminates that hazard, helping reduce comp claims.

EFFICIENCY - One man can easily install the PRO-RING™ system in just minutes. People are always amazed at our demonstration. The rings nest together and include a finishing ring and a slope adjustment ring for a precision fit.

FAST AND COST EFFECTIVE - PRO-RING™ products speed manhole installation and repair dramatically, allowing the site to be closed in one day and reducing overall cost from20% to 30% based on conditions. No water, sand mortar or bricks are needed, just a few simple tools.