Dryer Box

General Information

The Dryerbox® is sized to fit within 16” or 24” center studs.  It only needs connection at three corners so no additional framing is needed.  It is a very rigid 22 gauge aluminized steel with a Classification from Underwriters Laboratories to allow its installation in a one-hour rated wall assembly.  Its 20” height provides for sufficient room to store the necessary length of recoiled aluminum flex.  Ask about the Downbox™ for exhaust favoring a downward direction. 

The Dryerbox® now includes a “duct support tab” in the top port that assists in maintaining the ideal penetration length of 2 inches for Snaplock rigid conduit.  The installer simply creates a “hook” by bending the innovative tab at the two scored locations. The installer can then set in Snaplock pipe and continue with the balance of the duct run with minimal worry that the duct is too far into the receptacle. 

The Dryerbox® features a “knock-out” port for a gas line, allowing for a convenient and space saving location of the gas valve and termination fitting.

The extension rim on the Dryerbox® protrudes 7/8” from the nailing flange offering a built-in corner bead.  A Roto-zip (spiral saw) tool will cut out the opening just like any other receptacle, leaving a small crevice that gets caulked by the painter when he caulks the baseboard.  The Dryerbox® is metal so the zip-cut bit head will not gum as it does with other plastic receptacles. 

Once sheetrocked, the extension rim on the Dryerbox® protrudes about 1/4” providing enough of an edge to butt the baseboard to.  The easiest and best looking saw-cut is just a slightly back-cut angle.  The Dryerbox® should not be installed above the baseboard as this defeats the purpose of the receptacle (to provide a protective space for the flex transition hose).  All typical American dryers vent in the same location: at the very bottom and in the center of the appliance. 

After the drywall contractor “zip-cuts” around the Dryerbox® receptacle, there is a small crevice between the drywall and the metal box that is easily filled with caulk.  This built-in corner bead rim protects the drywall from damage and provides enough of a reveal for the trim carpenter to butt his baseboard to.  The surface is already prepared for painting. No masking is necessary.  You may “Orange Peel” and / or wall paint right over the aluminized steel. 

Advantages of using the Dryerbox:

  • Meets code requirements as a clean-out
  • Laundry room appears larger to prospects
  • Surface is paintable, no masking needed
  • Applauded by building inspectors
  • Reduces the fire hazard
  • Socks and clothing can't fall behind appliance
  • Prevents costly punch-out work to damaged 90
  • Eliminates mold potential
  • Locate the dryer right up against the wall
  • Flex is protected from getting squished
  • No trim-ring piece is needed 
  • Lint build-up is minimized
  • Efficiency is increased 
  • Dryer related service calls are almost eliminated
  • "Elbow eliminator" - gain 5 foot of duct run
  • Doubles as gas connection receptacle
  • Can be installed in One-Hour wall