Empire Level Buried Warning Tapes

General Information

Premium Detectable Tape: MagnaTec®
 • The premium detectable tape used for location and early warning protection for underground lines
• Middle foil layer allows for both inductive and conductive locating
• Multi-layer construction offers virtual permanence of message, strength and locatability
• Shallow buried six to twelve inches below finished grade, MagnaTec can be located reliably with
  even the least sophisticated metal detectors
• Wide-width detectable tape can be located up to three feet deep with proper detection equipment
• No ink extends to the edge of the tape providing the strongest bond between layers to prevent delamination
• Highly reflective foil surface is visible from both sides of tape to flash its  warning to excavators
• APWA colored stripes are printed on the underside of the polyester, before the multiple layers are laminated together
• Bold black letters include message and installation recommendations