Inversa Culvert Asset Management & Inspection

General Information

Inversa is an engineering solutions company that provides condition assessment and Asset Integrity Management (AIM) services to consulting engineers, Fortune 500 offshore oil and gas companies and all levels of government.  Inversa’s core competency lies in the creation of unique, high-end technologies to provide, previously impossible to obtain, diagnostic information about the condition of the world’s physical infrastructure. By combining conventional and cutting edge technologies, these unique solutions result in cost effective, safe and sustainable results for asset owners, consultants and asset managers.


ASSET INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT of Complex Storm Water, Transportation and Flood Control Systems is done by quickly and cost effectively screening the entire inventory, which allows the highest risk assets to be identified for full structural analysis and rehabilitation planning. 

STRUCTURAL CONDITION ASSESSMENT of Storm Sewers, Road Culverts and Gravity Drains

RISK PRIORITIZATION AND MAINTENANCE PLANNING is essential to extend the usable service life  of any asset for cost effective and safe operation

OPTIMIZED TRENCHLESS REHABILITATION requires experts in the design of all trenchless solutions such as Spray in Place Pipe (SIPP),  Centrifugally Cast Concrete Pipe (CCCP), Cast in Place Pipe (CIPP), Slipline, Localized Repair, Soil Stabilization, 
Corrosion Abatement and Deformation Remediation

COST BENIFIT ANALYSIS of Trenchless vs. Dig and Replace Projects

EMERGENCY ASSESSMENTS of assets at risk of imminent failure