Versa-Max Fastest Clamp Contest Winner at BCWWA

Martech exhibited the TPS Versa-Max repair clamp/coupling at the 2013 BCWWA Conference in Kelowna on April 20-24.

What is Versa-Max? Versa-Max is: all-in-one push-on pipe repair coupling and
2.wrap-around pipe repair clamp that waterworks operators use to repair breaks in their water pipelines.

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With a hyper-fast install time of 6.6 seconds, Randy Smith proved his pipe-repair skill and won Martech’s Fastest Clamp Contest!

 Randy Smith and his winning Versa-Max time

We called Randy to congratulate him on his victory and to ask him a few questions about his performance.

Q: “What made you interested in trying your hand at the Versa-Max contest?”
A: “I used Ez-Max repair clamps before, had familiarity with that type of clamp product.

“We have a water main going across the creek. The 4″ tubing often breaks (always at a bad time, spring time when the water is high and cold). My teammate and I have to repair that line, sometimes with a snorkel and wet suit. Anything that can make the repair faster is better. We can’t turn off the pressure (can’t have negative pressure on the water line) so putting this clamp on quickly with water spraying out isn’t always easy.

“This Versa-Max clamp has a two-step latch type system, that is a nice feature to get the clamp on the pipe and then adjust a little before clamping it shut all the way.”

Q: “What did you do to prepare for your Versa-Max attempt?”
A: “I watched the people before me to see what they did. I went slow, I didn’t want to slip. Matt Jones gave a good tutorial, good instructor. Having the Martech sales person demonstrate the Versa-Max definitely sold me on using the product. We will be updating our inventory to use this coupling/clamp. Why have two or three different couplings when this one unit has the range to fit a variety of pipe sizes?”

Q: “What advice would you give to someone installing a Versa-Max for the first time?”
A: “Basically, listen to the instructions. Follow the instructions, it’s a no-brainer. Definitely makes installing the repair clamp a lot easier.”

Q: “What were you thinking during your attempt?”
A: “I honestly thought that I was going slow. I went slow to get it right. Paying attention to the mechanics of the device, being careful about how it fit together to close the clamp.”

Q: “How did it feel when Matt Jones told you your time?”
A: “Awesome! He told me it was a really good time and that no one would beat me. If I had tried to go faster, could I have taken a couple more seconds off? Ha ha!”

Well done everyone! Thank you for testing the Versa-Max pipe repair clamp/coupling with us at BCWWA!

Are you keen on pipe repair? Watch this Versa-Max installation video before you come to the BCWWA trade show and wow us with your speed and skill!


Versa-Max is an all-in-one product that does the job of a pipe coupling and a pipe repair clamp.

Versa-Max is an all-in-one product that does the job of a pipe coupling and a pipe repair clamp.

Thank you for stopping by our booth to try out the new Versa-Max all-in-one repair clamp and coupling and learning about our new Helix Labs wastewater grease and odor management options.

MARTECH provides innovation for municipalities in the construction, operation, maintenance and repair of their infrastructure.

We look forward to continuing our connection with you and assisting all BC Operators with infrastructure innovation in 2013 and beyond.

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