Measuring Manufacturer Order Fulfillment Metrics Improves Customer Experience

Delayed shipments, incomplete communications, prolonged backorders, missed shipment dates.  These were some of the problems facing Martech and our customers in January 2011.

Can we accurately inform the customer about the status of their order?

As a sales company, it is a critical requirement for Martech to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations in regards to timely communication of our deliverables.  Feedback from our customers, sales team and sales managers started an internal examination of what was holding us back from being able to communicate necessary information to all of our customers for their projects.

How could we be more efficient and effective for the benefit of our customers? One part of the answer was that the communication between our manufacturers and our internal order-fulfillment teams needed to change.

After working with the manufacturers to craft a set of order-fulfillment performance metrics, we began to record scores for our manufacturers.  This score-keeping enabled content-rich conversations (based on real data) between Martech and our manufacturers.

The Manufacturer Order Fulfillment Scorecard:

  • Timely confirmation of Purchase Orders
  • Communicating Accurate Shipping Dates
  • Shipping Accuracy
  • Inventory Availability

Strong scores in these metrics allow Martech to update our inventory system to provide the most current information for our customers, (all of which is available to them at their fingertips within the Web Warehouse). If Martech is better informed, then so are our customers! We are now in a position to meet the demanding installation schedules of our customers.

By August 2011, Martech’s purchasing and order fulfillment teams had accumulated 8 months of data and we began to share these scores with each of our manufacturers. Today, our purchasing team share the results of the scorecard with each manufacturer every three months.  This two-way conversation contributes to improving our processes and communication between the two companies to better serve our customers.

We have experienced a 13% growth in scores so far this quarter and are looking forward to continued success!