4 Reasons To Use Hymax Couplings During Waterworks Pipe Repair Jobs

A water pipe breaks underground.  An immediate response from service and repair crews is required. How long will it take them to repair the pipe?

Shutting off the water service, digging up the damaged section of pipe, removing it, coupling in a new length of pipe, filling the hole and laying new asphalt is a time consuming and expensive job. In Canada’s northern cities, pipe repair is often a very cold job. Cities in Manitoba are using TPS Hymax pipe repair couplings to make the work go faster.


TPS designed the Hymax multi-range pipe repair couplings to be installed with a minimum amount of time and effort.

1. Hymax installs faster – the coupling goes on the pipe with only one bolt per end
2 .Less digging – no under-dig required with Hymax top-bolt tightening action
3. Fast pipe cuts – long 12″ couplings mean faster pipe cuts and less time in the ditch doing the repair.
4. Multi-range couplings means municipalities can reduce their repair inventories. “One size fits many pipes”.

I made a follow up call to a customer in northern Manitoba who had just received his shipment of TPS Hymax pipe repair couplings. This sale was facilitated by one of our partner distributors in Manitoba.

The call was to thank the customer for the order, to offer any technical support and to ask for personal feedback on the use of the Hymax repair coupling. The customer let me know that they’d been using the Hymax coupling for some time now and love it. The light-weight, multi-range gasket fits all pipe sizes.

“The faster you can install the repair coupling onto the pipe, the less time repair crews are stuck working in the cold, hard dirt.”

The quick Hymax two-bolt tightening system also earned praise. In the north, they are quite often installing and repairing pipes in tight spaces with very little room because of the bedrock.  This is where only having two bolts really comes in handy. Any way you can spend less time “in the hole” is a good thing. This is where the Hymax coupling gives operators and installation workers a true benefit.


Ask Martech to arrange a Hymax trial purchase for your department. Contact a sales representative for answers about Hymax multi-range pipe repair couplings.

Don Anderson is Martech’s Sales Territory Architect for Municipal Infrastructure in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Don can be reached via e-mail (danderson@drivingstrategicsales.com) or phone (800-461-0006 ext 4100).