Distributors Grow Customer Base And Profit With Abreezo Ventilation Fans

Plumbing and Electrical distributors earn new HVAC customers by selling Abreezo residential bath ventilation fans

Abreezo bath ventilation fans stocked in small-market plumbing and electrical wholesalers

Abreezo bath ventilation fans stocked in small-market plumbing and electrical wholesalers

Plumbing and Electrical Distributors operating in smaller markets face some or all of these business challenges:
No new customers
No differentiating products to create competitive advantage
Isolated and forgotten (no manufacturer reps bringing new ideas or products to develop new sales)
Limited warehouse space (difficult to stock a lot of new product)
Limited staff (everyone is doing everything – it’s tough to learn the product knowledge for every single item)
Smaller profit margins (due to competitive pricing from non exclusive products)
Vulnerable to slow-down in construction
Stagnant or shrinking revenue

Martech’s Mechanical Sales Team has been offering Abreezo bath ventilation fans to plumbing and electrical wholesalers as a revenue-growth solution.

Why are these distributors buying Abreezo?

  • Increased revenue with a healthy profit margin
  • Quick inventory turns
  • Inventory requires as little as two pallet spaces to stock
  • Introduces you to a new market segment (HVAC contractors and electricians)
  • A straight-forward product – learn to sell in less than 30 minutes
  • Limited distribution network to encourage healthy margins
  • Takes less than 3 minutes to order on line and has a guaranteed shipping next day!
  • Can be bundled with other products to achieve a prepaid order
  • Abreezo can open your distribution business to a new market for less than a $500

A number of our plumbing and electrical distributor partners have added Abreezo bath fans to their product mix and have attracted new HVAC and ventilation contractor customers through the sale of an exclusive product. Reaching into the ventilation and HVAC customer base has increased sales and profits.

They are adding 5 or more new contractor accounts to their business in the first 6 months. One successful customer has grown sales by over $150,000 in less than 12 months with new HVAC accounts!  Our partners have taken business from the Big Box stores and found a way to prevent competing “parachute salesman” from writing orders with contractors during a visit from his headquarters.

After seeing the profitability of Abreezo, these distribution companies have continued to expand their sales by adding more products in the HVAC stream such as Polyken duct tape, Convex vapor boots, Fantech HRVs, inline fans and Dryerbox recessed vent boxes.  Further, consolidating their purchases of HVAC supplies with Martech has enabled our distributor customers to easily achieve prepaid freight for their orders.

Our target customers for this sales initiative were distributors supplying the residential construction & renovation market in small cities and small towns in Southern Alberta and the interior of BC. We would like to continue this success with other distributor and wholesaler partners across Canada.