Groundwater Infiltration Prevented By Prime Resins And PSI Riser-Wrap Seals


Sales professional Derek Traquair successfully introduced Prime Resins manhole chamber sealing grout and PSI Riser-Wrap heat shrink sleeves to permanently seal new manhole barrel joints against groundwater infiltration.

Riser-Wrap seals manholes against groundwater infiltration

Sundre, Alberta is a fast-growing town north-west of Calgary. To serve its growing population, the town commissioned a new sewage line in an area that had experienced severe flooding in the past. Susceptibility to flooding and a high water table meant that the manholes along this new service line would need to be sealed and protected from groundwater infiltration.  High Mountain Hoe was contracted for the line’s construction.

The designing engineer recommended PSI’s Riser-Wrap, a heat-shrink polyethylene sleeve, to seal the joints of the new manhole barrels to keep water from infiltrating the structures in that area. The Riser-Wrap was easily installed by the High Mountain Hoe crews.

The manholes were successfully sealed against rising ground water levels. Repeated inspections of these joints have shown that Riser-Wrap is a permanent solution for preventing water infiltration in new construction.

Martech’s leak calculator determined that just one leak in a joint would cost $1300.00 per year to treat. The materials cost for PSI Riser-Wrap was $200.00 per joint, giving the town of Sundre a payback of less than 30 days!

Prime Resins seals prevents groundwater infiltration at leaking pipe penetrations

Leaking pipe penetrations in other manholes meant the chambers needed to be rehabilitated before the service went on line. Other sealant products were unable to stop the groundwater infiltration.

Bob Vennard from High Mountain Hoe contacted Martech’s Derek Traquair to get technical support for this installation. Derek came to Sundre and worked with High Mountain Hoe to seal two of the chambers with Prime Resins Oakum and Prime-Flex 900 XLV. High Mountain Hoe then continued sealing chambers along the rest of the installation.

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Testimonial letter from High Mountain Hoe Service Ltd for Martech technical sales professional Derek Traquair:

 Bob Vennard, High Mountain Hoe Service Ltd
 RR#1 Sundre, Alberta
 T0M 1X0

To whom it may concern:

This letter is in regards to our recent experience using Prime Resins polyurethane grouts and Pipeline Seal & Insulator (PSI) Riser Wrap for the sealing of below-grade structures against groundwater infiltration.

In the summer of 2008, the Town of Sundre contracted us to install a 10″ HPDE force main in the area of the Red Deer River and Bearberry Creek. The location of the construction had a very high water table and the design engineering firm, Brisbin & Sentis Engineering Inc., had specified the use of Riser-Wrap heat shrink polyethylene sleeves around the barrel joints of the manholes to prevent water infiltration. This installation proved to be successful as there have been no instances of groundwater leaking into any of the manhole barrel joints.

Separate from these barrel joints, three manholes experienced significant water infiltration around pipe penetrations at the bottom of manholes. Kevin Wiley from Brisbin & Sentis recommended Prime Resins polyurethane grouts as a sealant against this infiltration and suggested that we contact Derek Traquair at Martech for training and technical support.

On Septemer 10, 2008, Martech’s Derek Traquair came to Sundre and worked with our personnel to seal two of the manholes using Prime Resins Prime-Flex 900XLV sealant grout. This product proved to be successful and successive inspections of these manholes have shown the chamber has stayed dry since the repair.

Due to water migration, a new leak began around the pipe penetration of a third manhole. Our crews tried several different products by other manufacturers to seal this new infiltration until we were contacted again by Derek Traquair at Martech who was following up on the initial Prime-Flex repair. Derek made a second appointment and came to the site in Sundre on October 28, 2008. The Martech representative worked with our crew using Prime Resins dry oakum soaked in Prime-Flex 900XLV and Prime-Flex 900XLV injected behind the oakum to create a watertight seal.

High Mountain Hoe would like to thank Derek Traquair and Martech for providing this innovative solution to water infiltration as well as for their continued service and follow up on this project. We continue to work with Martech and recommend the use of PSI Riser-Wrap and Prime Resins for inflow and infiltration control.


 High Mountain Hoe