Vendor Price Data Files Purchasing Import

Purchasing information challenges

  • “How much does this cost?”
  • “When is our order coming?”
  • “We need more!”
  • “Cancel that order!”
  • “We have too much!”

Managing the flow of information in the Purchasing Department can be very stressful. Any company buying and selling goods needs a streamlined purchasing team.

Vendor price increases and price updates

Approximately once a year, another stressor is placed on the Purchasing Team. Vendor price increases! Thousands of SKUs need to be updated with a new cost and price values.

Vendor often send price lists with product descriptions, pictures and prices in a PDF file which makes the marketing people happy but only creates more pages for the purchasing department to vet through.  This is not streamlined – this is stressful and time consuming!

Purchasing departments stay streamlined with easy-to-import price files

With a few questions, price updates can often be streamlined from days down to minutes. In a discussion with one customer, we discovered that their system was able to read a spreadsheet file and import new vendor pricing. Martech was able to export a price file spreadsheet that matched this customer’s data needs. Together, we saved this customer’s purchasing team hours of product price maintenance work!

If your system is able to import vendor product pricing data files, please contact us and let us save you some time. Use the “Learn More” button at the bottom of this page to start a conversation with us about efficient price updates!