Stop Erosion Around Culverts And Extend The Culvert's Service Life

Erosion never gets better on its own. Erosion always accelerates and makes things worse.

Culverts can only manage storm water when the surrounding soils are stable. The soil around culverts needs attention and inspection after a flood event. If the soil around the culvert has begun to erode, proactive repairs need to be initiated to make sure the culvert doesn’t wash out during the next flood.

Normally, soil that is carried away from a culvert by groundwater will result in the settlement, slumping and potholes in the roadway above. The worst case scenario is if a culvert fails during a heavy rainstorm or flood event which results in a washout with a lot of expensive damage to the road and possibly people driving on the road.

Martech strongly recommends initiating an inspection and repair program for your culverts and spillways. If the soil around any culvert is weak or eroded away, inject Prime Resins grout resin around the culvert to fill in voids and stabilize the soil.

Preserve your culverts so they can do the job they were designed to do – channel water safely from one place to another!