"Full Installation" CAD Drawings Help Canadian Engineering Firms Stay Competitive

Staying competitive and profitable: Engineers add air valves faster with “Full Installation” CAD drawings

Whenever a new innovation enters the infrastructure market, Martech distributes detailed specifications and support for Engineers, Municipalities and Contractors. Making sure these groups have effective design tools for their projects means Martech will have good success introducing the new product in the field.

New innovations can increase input costs for the engineering firms who first utilize these products. Engineers understand the value new products can bring, but still need to spend time updating their designs to implement them properly so their clients can reap the benefits.  Air valves for water pipelines are one such innovation.

Sample CAD drawing showing full installation of ARI air valve for engineers to use when designing pipelines.

Sample CAD drawing showing full installation of ARI air valve for engineers to use when designing pipelines.

Implementing innovative air valve designs with low input costs

Air release valves are components designed to release air from water and wastewater pipelines and prevent failures in the pipe due to air expansion and water column separation. Self Contained Direct-Bury Air Release Valves allow utility operators to maintain these pipeline components for a fraction of the time and cost traditional air release valves require.

Martech has been increasing their support for partner engineering firms by contracting the design and production of “Full Installation” CAD Drawings for their Self Contained Direct-Bury Air Release Valves. Full Installation CAD Drawings are different than standard product specification drawings.  Martech is providing Full Installation drawings so engineers have all the design information and material requirements in a format that lets them copy and paste or drag and drop the drawing directly into their design.

Decreasing costs by speeding up design work

Full Installation CAD Drawings are a tool from Martech for engineers to support their projects and provide more value to their customers. Using the CAD drawings provided by Martech, the time required for the engineer to specify these air valves and utilize their capabilities goes down from 2 or 3 hours to about 10 minutes.

Request a sample Full Installation CAD Drawing for your air valve project

Are you designing a pipeline with air release valves? Contact us to request a Full Installation drawing for your project OR to see a sample DWG drawing.