Four Ways To Stop Leaking Manholes

Repair, seal and protect manholes situated near the river or high water tables

Floodwater that infiltrates leaking manholes costs thousands of dollars as it flows through the manhole into the city’s wastewater treatment system. Studies done in the USA show that up to 40% of groundwater infiltration in sewer systems enters through manholes. With Prime Resins grouting (and other solutions), manhole leaks can be permanently stopped in a matter of minutes with immediate cost-savings.

Here are four ways you can fix your manholes without excavating and replacing them:
1. Gushing Leaks – fix a gushing leak in a manhole with Prime Resins 920 or Prime Flex EXP. These products rapidly expand to stop gushing leaks then cure to form a rigid, watertight foam.
2. Slow Leaks – stop water leaking through small cracks in a manhole with Prime Resins “Prime Flex XLV”.  This low-viscosity resin reacts with water outside of the manhole barrel and forms a flexible, closed-cell, watertight foam that seals the manhole and stops the leak.

3. Leaking through the Manhole Chimney or Grade Rings – eliminate infiltration through the grade rings of precast manholes using APM’s I/I Barrier chimney seal.

4. Corroded or Deteriorated Manholes – Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC) corrodes sewer and sanitary manholes. The corrosion on the concrete occurs when hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) is converted into sulfuric acid (H2SO4) by Thiobacillus bacteria that grow on the concrete surfaces above wastewater flows.

You have the option to quickly and efficiently reline a corroded manhole with APM Permacast centrifugally-cast concrete liner.