Guaranteed Stock: New Change In Martech Web Warehouse


A recent update to the Martech Web Warehouse makes communicating stock instructions to Martech easier and faster than ever!

The Guaranteed Stock button and Martech’s new Guaranteed Stock Process gives Web Warehouse customers a fast way to identify products they need a consistent, guaranteed supply on.

Imagine this scenario:
“I like this product and I use 10 units every 4 or 5 weeks. But Martech only seems to have 6 on the shelf.”

This is the perfect place scenario for us to use Guaranteed Stock.

After clicking the Guaranteed Stock button in the Web Warehouse, our sales team follows the Guaranteed Stock process by:
 (1) contacting the customer,
 (2) confirming the details of the expected demand,
 (3) arranging for Martech to have a new minimum stock level for you and
 (4) scheduling future follow-up calls with you to see if the stock level is meeting your needs or if it needs to be adjusted.

If you have a need for Guaranteed Stock with Martech, log into the Web Warehouse and click the button to see what happens!