Web Warehouse Makes Life Easy at Trico with Online Access

In a pleasant late November surprise, purchaser Joyce Treiber from Trico Lighting Products shared some positive Web Warehouse feedback with us and we would like to share what she had to say:

“I use [Martech's] Web Warehouse site almost every day,” she exclaimed.  “It’s so quick for us, you can see the price and stock at the same time.  Creating orders is fast and quick.  The Web Warehouse gives us a really easy workflow for managing orders.  We create the order online and usually get delivery in one or two days.”

Joyce noted that Inside Sales Representative Jonathan Grant is still a great resource for questions the Web Warehouse can’t answer.  “With the Web Warehouse, we don’t have a lot of low-level interaction with Jonathan any more, only if there’s something complicated happening or a problem we need help with.  Entering the order myself gives me peace of mind that everything is going arrive correctly.”

“I wish all of our suppliers had an online tool like this.  It saves us a lot of time!” she concludes.

Trico Lighting Products is a leading supplier of commercial lighting products in Medicine Hat, Alberta. If you are a business client of Martech but do not have a Web Warehouse user account, go to our Account Request Form and have one created for you!