How To Save Your Infrastructure, Even If It's Next To A River

Stabilize riverside paths, bridges and walkways

You can stop a road from washing out. Proactively reinforce the soil under roads, paths, walkways and other infrastructure using permanent soil stabilizing foam.

The foam resin is injected underground where it bonds with soil to create a permanent, solid wall underground to hold soil in place, prevent erosion and prevent damage on the surface from instability below the ground.

Polyurethane addresses the source of the problem therefore it is ideal for erosion of soil due to water permeation. This is a good option for:

  • roadways and bridges
  • pedestrian and bicycle pathways
  • buildings and structures
  • at-risk, eroding riverbanks

The environmentally-friendly foam resin is injected underground where it expands, bonds with the soil and then hardens to form a permanent, stabilizing layer of solid, rock-like material inside your riverbanks.