Stop Groundwater Infiltration And Leaks In Water System

In the spring of 2009, the community of Redwood Meadows, Alberta contracted MPE Engineering to solve their aging below-grade infrastructure that was deteriorating due to a high groundwater table. Martech’s Derek Traquair helped the engineers at MPE find their solution in Prime Resins manhole chamber sealing grout and PSI Riser-Wrap heat shrink sleeves for manhole barrel joints

Problem One: groundwater infiltration in leaking manholes entering the sewer treatment system

The large amount of groundwater infiltration was entering in to the sanitary system and creating extra treatment costs for Redwood Meadows. In some cases, the deterioration was so much that the entire chamber would need to be replaced, but the majority of chambers were able to be rehabilitated using Prime Resins 920, Prime Resins Oakum and certified installation techniques.

Derek Traquair from Martech and a local certified Prime Resins applicator developed a cost-effective solution. Originally, five manhole chambers were marked for rehabilitation. The first project went so well that Redwood Meadows extended the contract to include the rest of the leaking chambers.

In the end, ten leaking manhole chambers were completely sealed with Prime Resins sealing grout. Derek was on hand to get some pictures and answer technical questions from MPE Engineering and the community, providing local support and value in the field.

Problem Two: Preventing Future Groundwater Infiltration

MPE and Redwood Meadows also contracted Tyson Construction to install a replacement sewer main and manhole chambers to replace the ones that had suffered the worst deterioration. In order to prevent infiltration problems from happening again, MPE specified the use of PSI Riser-Wrap heat-shrink polyethylene sleeves to be wrapped around the manhole joints.

Tyson and MPE contacted Derek again to help them with their first installation and show the crews how to install the Riser-Wrap as effectively as possible. Derek worked with the Tyson crew in sealing their first chamber. Tyson Construction was then able to seal the rest of the chambers preventing groundwater problems in the future!

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