New A.R.I. Air Valve Design For Shale Gas Extraction Frac Water Lines

Shale gas is natural gas trapped within shale rock formations deep underground.  Part of the gas extraction process is the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of the shale rock.  The water/sand/chemical mixture used to fracture the shale is so corrosive, it can deteriorate stainless steel.

Keeping the inflow and outflow lines functional and safe is a primary concern when a fracking operation is underway. Engineers designing shale gas extraction sites need to ensure that the line performs optimally while reducing the chance of environmental issues. With the risk of corrosive fluid deteriorating air valves, how can an engineer size and locate air valves on inflow water and outflow frac water lines?

ARI D023 air release valve on shale gas frac water lines

ARI D023 air release valve on shale gas frac water lines

After consulting with shale gas extraction design engineers, ARI and Martech have developed a high pressure industrial air release valve using Duplex Stainless Steel that is designed to function in this corrosive environment.

ARI’s avCad software has been updated to support the engineer’s use of this new air valve.  To ensure the line achieves optimal performance, project engineers use the ARI avCad design program to determine where air release valves should be placed on the line and which model and size valve will work best.

Thanks to Martech and ARI, engineers now have a functioning solution to manage the flow of corrosive liquids. Contact your Martech Infrastructure Sales Representative and ask where ARI air release valves, ARI avCad software and your Martech technical representative can support your pipeline projects.


ARI D023 Duplex ASTM industrial air valve specifications (PDF)