Polyken/Nashua Duct/Electrical Tapes

Polyken®  Tapes

Polyken® tapes and adhesion materials meet a wide range of needs across multiple industries, including the automotive, industrial, arts and entertainment and HVAC spaces through heritage rooted in consistency, reliability, and technology.

Engineered for Performance

Polyken is engineered for performance, providing you quality and consistency for every application.
»For over fifty years the Polyken brand has developed products and technology that have superior technical performance.

The Market Standard

When you need highly sophisticated adhesion solutions engineered to exact specifications.
»Polyken provides customers with many options for width, thickness, length, color, strength, and adhesion throughout a wide range of industries.
»Polyken provides the adherence you need based on your application.

Nashua® Duct Tape

For over 80 years, generations of contractors have trusted the quality and performance of Nashua tapes for even their toughest construction and maintenance applications.

Made in America and producing dozens of varieties, Nashua is best known for their duct tapes. This brand is preferred by independent contractors and engineering leaders alike, particularly their premium line. Their duct tapes tear straight, hang straight, and resist curling, important properties on the jobsite. Available in varying grades, strengths, and colors, all duct tapes are tested in accordance with UL 723 – the test for surface burning characteristics of building materials. 

Trusted by professionals and homeowners alike to meet the most demanding applications and general repairs.