Fibertech Rhino Manholes


General Information

RHINO MANHOLES by Fibertech provide the highest level of reliability for applications varying from sewer, wastewater, landfill leachate, storm water collection systems to below grade utility inspection chambers.

Using 100% virgin polyethylene plastic, our industrial strength plastic manhole unit offers a wide range of chemical resistance to acids and many organic compounds. Because of this resistance, attack from hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid and other aggressive chemicals does not occur.

RHINO MANHOLES have been field tested under a variety of conditions to meet exacting design and quality standards for long life and corrosion resistance installation. They have been proven to outlast concrete, steel, and fiberglass manholes.

Rhino Manhole Details:

  • CONES|
    2 types one Center Cone and one Offset Cone, both with 3 various sizes and heights to accommodate all applications

    used to adjust the height of the base and cone sections to grade

    Sanitary Bottom Bases, Large Sanitary Bottom Bases, and Round Bottom Bases

    5 standard inlet channels with a 2% flow molded-in will accommodate from 4” up to 12” pipe

    accommodates 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” pipe.

    used to provide the seal between the manhole components and does not allow infiltration or exfiltration

rhino-manhole-unit (1).jpg


• High Density Polyethylene
• Molded-In Step System
• Gaskets Seals
• Base, Riser, Cone, Lid
• Flow Channels/Inlets
• H-20 Load Rating
• 0.5 inch Wall Thickness
• 28” Dia. Lid


• Long/Short Center Cone
• Long/Short Offset Cone
• 24”/36” Tall Riser
• Round Bottom Base
• Sanitary Bottom Base
• 8” and 12” Base Extensions
• 6”/8”/10”/12” Dia. Spout
• 4”-12” Dia. Inlets
• Plastic/Concrete Lid


• Durable
• Light Weight
• Water Tight Gasket Seal
• No Infiltration/Exfiltration
• Easy Install
• Easily Modified
• Corrosion & H2S Resistant
• 100% Recyclable
• Flotation Resistant
• Variety of Option & Configurations