Seal-A-Cast Manhole Casting Silencing Kit

General Information

Seal-A-Cast a specially formulated Polyuria, designed to "stop the rock" of manhole lids, risers and frames permanently by creating a flexible bonded cushion between layers dampening vehicular tire impact.

Installed in minutes, Seal-A-Cast™ is a highly versatile liquid caulk applied cushion designed to silence noisy cast iron lids, frames and risers permanently.

Designed and engineered through advanced chemistry to withstand extreme loading without fracture or deformation. Seal-A-Cast™ is resistant to ambient temperature changes and common solvents, salts or vehicle fluids.

Tenacious bonds are achieved adhering to all road surfaces and streetscape materials. Seal-A-Cast™ allows you to bond and silence steel riser’s significantly reducing street face lifts. Never again have a seal fall into the system when accessing the manhole.

Seal-A-Cast™ is field applied allowing for perfect controlled thicknesses allowing users to adjust street casting heights to road surface. Save our shocks, protect the buried structure increasing the assets life.

Cross linked molecular structure absorbs the impact and returns to original size. Seal-A-Cast™ protects your buried structures by dampening/absorbing the vehicular tire impact.

One visit, one repair.

All shapes, all sizes and all types.

  • Manhole Covers
  • Manhole Frames
  • Manhole Riser Rings
  • Precast/HDPE Rings
  • Water Boxes
  • Drainage Castings
  • Vault Covers

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